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How can you impress during your zoom interview?

This year has seen lots of events, meetings and training transition from person to Zoom. Due to the pandemic there are lots of restrictions in place, which of course, have an affect on the workforce. However, lots of companies are still looking to hire with interviews most likely to take place on Zoom.

Without that human contact, is it possible to still impress in the same way? We have put together some tips for you to follow to help you impress your interviewer and ensure you get a job offer!

Treat it like a normal interview

We believe that although the interview will feel different, treating it like a normal interview will really shine through. It is really important to have done your research on both the company and even perhaps the interviewer. I would also advise imagining that you are sitting in the interview room with them.

  • Business attire – although you may be sitting in your bedroom doing the interview, I would advise being dressed appropriately for an interview. This will help you feel more prepared also!

  • Quiet area – ensure that you have no distractions around you, turn your phone/TV off and make sure that you are fully engaged in the interview (where being completely quiet may be challenging, remember to use the ‘mute’ button on Zoom when the interviewer is talking.

Research and Questions

Again, just like any other interview it is so important that you have done your research and that you have lots of questions prepared to ask the interviewer. Remember to take a mental note of what the interviewer is telling you about to avoid asking questions they have already covered. See below for some examples of some useful questions to ask:

  • What is the reason you're recruiting for this role?

  • Are there opportunities for career progression in this role?

  • Hows the culture within the team?

  • What will the training entail?

  • Does the company have an employee benefit programme?

Take notes

It is a really great idea to take notes, so that you can refer back at a later time. Taking notes helps to show how engaged and enthusiastic you are and also that you are organised and professional.

Professional background

Make sure your background is professional and uncluttered. You want the interviewer to focus solely on you, so it is important to make this as clean and clear as possible. This will also help show that you are fully prepared, well organised and pay attention to detail.

Check your internet connection/Zoom link

Finally, the most important part is actually being able to access the interview! I strongly advise checking your internet connection beforehand and also checking that you can get onto the link in advance (you can also test your audio and video on Zoom before the interview takes place). Like a normal interview you want to ensure that you log in 5 minutes early so that you are ready to go and punctual.

If you need any more tips on how to be successful at interview stage, then get in touch! We'd be more than happy to help.

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