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How to successfully recruit 'in house' whilst in partnership with Recruitment Solutions.

Over the past 12 months, even prior to COVID-19, we have been seeing many employers large and small bringing recruitment ‘in-house’ in an attempt to cut agency spend; some have been successful and some less so.

We always say if you have the time and expertise to truly recruit the best candidate for your business, you should, as nobody will ever know your business quite as well as you do. Having said that, very few business owners or hiring managers do have a combination of the time and expertise, and by far the biggest cost of recruitment is getting it wrong.

Some of the challenges we have seen for internal recruiters and business owners without this skill combination:

  • Attracting the right calibre of candidates and in the right quantity

  • Shortlisting from the much larger number of applicants per job than seen before (we’ve seen as many as 700 applications for recent roles listed)

  • Really having the time to pre-interview the candidates effectively as part of the shortlisting, so often cutting out this stage

  • Being able to conduct a completely fair and inclusive interview process, whilst ensuring the appointment of the very best candidate

  • Negotiating the offer and dealing with counter offers from existing employers

At Recruitment Solutions, we believe our biggest strength is our process, whereby we vow to only submit candidates to our clients we’d personally employ ourselves. As a result, almost 80% of the first CV we submit successfully obtain employment and 19 out of 20 remain employed 9 months later.

As a small business, we completely understand it’s natural to want control; as a new employee can often have such a huge impact on the business, both positively and negatively. As mentioned previously it’s definitely worth considering the value of your time and if you have the expertise to recruit the best candidate and if you don’t what would be the cost to develop that skill.

For this reason, we have been successfully working with a number of clients from 1 person businesses recruiting their first employee to well-known international brands to teach them how to recruit from start to finish.

Our consultancy and recruitment support offerings are bespoke to each individual needs and normally at a fraction of the cost of a normal agency fee. Our MD, Julia Barrington has helped past clients with structuring the role, writing job descriptions, where to advertise, where to source, succession planning, interviewing, selection and closing the offer.

Please get in touch for a complimentary conversation on how we can help you to effectively bring your recruitment in-house.

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