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New year new you- 5 Tips For Finding a New Job In 2022

1. Be Selective

In 2022 we are done with mass job applications! These often come across as rushed and poorly planned to recruiters. Instead we recommend cutting down the number of jobs you app, ly for and using the extra time to create the perfect application for the role. The more effort you put into the application stage the more you will stand out as a potential employee.

It’s also worth thinking outside the box as to the type of roles you are applying for. Don’t get stuck in your current employment rut and only apply for jobs with the same title- there are lots of ways you can apply your skillsets!

2. New CV- New connections

We can all be guilty of slacking in the CV department, however; this is a crucial way to make you stand out from the crowd. Make sure you have all your current skills listed and an up to date employment history. This is the time to make sure the job you are applying for has matching skills to your CV.

In 2022 we are all about virtual connections and social media checks. Therefore we recommend getting a LinkedIn profile if you do not already have one. This will allow you to connect with potential employers, gain credibility from others in your network, apply for roles and give you online learning opportunities.

3. Stay positive

When we don’t get the job we wanted it’s easy to wrap ourselves up in negative thought patterns and settle for our current job. However, we all experience bad interviews and rejections, what matters is how we dust ourselves off and get back out there. Interviews are a skill to be learned, therefore each one you do will give you valuable experience in selling yourself and your skillset. Dust yourself off, try again and remember that your dream job is still out there.

4. Experience is key

If you want to jump from your current career path into a new field, consider applying for a temporary position to gain the skills you need to take on a new role. This allows you the time to gain the skillset you need or alternately discover that the role is not for you before making a big commitment.

If you discover you know/skill gaps that you'd like to fill, now is the time to do something about it. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to get booked on a course and gain the knowledge you need- trust us it will be worth it.

5. Ask For Help

We are here to help! Our trained recruitment consultants will help point you in the right direction or can set you down a path you didn't know about or hadn't even thought about.

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