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Pets in the workplace, benefit or distraction?

More and more frequently, employers and employees are discovering that pets at the workplace make them happier, lower stress levels, and create a comfortable, flexible environment. Pets can create camaraderie within the workplace and trigger interactions that may not have happened without them.

Better communication leads to more trust, a key component in a successful work environment. Trust and communication rival stress and promote productivity, causing improved morale and reduced absenteeism. Furthermore, reduced stress means less stress-related ailments and the healthcare costs that accompany them.

The study shows employees who brought their pets to the workplace experienced an 11% drop in stress levels, while those who were forced to leave their pets at home had a 70% rise in stress levels.

According to research by, about 8% of employees in the UK are allowed to take their dogs to work. Mars Petcare – who own Pedigree, Whiskas and Sheba – started allowing employees to bring pets into the office in 2008.

Allowing dogs in the workplace is believed to boost morale and lead employees to think better of the company that is offering the benefit – and what’s better it costs employers next to nothing.

While an office dog or canine colleague may not be practical for every business, many companies have seen that they help employees bond, motivate good work and bring talent to their business. Apart from bringing your pooch to the office, employees at Brewdog are allowed to take puppy parental leave!

You may just one day find yourself typing away in your office alongside a border collie.

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