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Remote vs office- Know your workplace pro’s and con’s

As we move past pandemic restrictions, we are left with a drastic increase in remote work popularity. Whilst some have completely removed an office environment, many of us are still deciding what the future holds for our new workspace norm.

We have listed below some key positives and negatives of both environments to help you decide on the best path for your employees.

Remote work


  • Higher productivity- less in-person distractions and flexible hours

  • Better work/life balance- more time for personal relationships and hobbies

  • Healthier lifestyles- people tend to eat better and exercise more when no longer commuting

  • Increased savings and lower carbon footprint when not commuting


  • It’s not for everyone- it’s hard to stay self-motivated

  • Communication gaps can reduce team efficiency

  • Isolation can affect your mental health

  • Self-reliance- you have to maintain your workstation, technology and time management

Office work


  • It’s easy to keep the team motivated in an office environment

  • The team efficiently is more efficient with everyone together

  • A team atmosphere can increase group morale


  • Harder to balance work and life- may cause personal isolation

  • Constant in-person interactions can lead to reduced productivity

  • Commuting often causes additional stress, time and money

Let’s face it, remote working isn’t for everyone and will affect extroverted people the most. We recommend taking all your team members into account to decide if everyone can manage the above challenges. If in doubt, flexible movement between remote and office work may be your saving grace. Allowing you time to try each option and find the one that works for your company.

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