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Should you stay or should you go. . .

We all feel unmotivated from time to time, but it doesn’t always mean you need a new career. We’ve put together some key points to consider before you throw the towel in for good.

Communication is key!

Are you feeling fed up and unheard? Sometimes a big part of work burnout comes from poor communication. Managers are there to listen and help staff through challenging areas of the job. However, they can't help if they don’t know what’s going on.

If you feel like you have;

· Unsupportive management and/or co-workers.

· A never-ending workload that’s impossible to manage

· Limited opportunities to grow/learn/develop key skills

· A lack of mental simulation

· An unfair wage to work ratio

· No free time due to commute or workload

You may need to have an honest conversation with your management team to discuss solutions to your grievances. We recommend speaking with your management team with a list of possible solutions that you believe will benefit yourself and your team. Solutions could be as simple as flexible working hours or access to internal training programs.

Breaking point?

If you have reached out to your team for support and are still experiencing constant burnout or dread, it is probably time to accept moving to another company.

If you;

Dreading going into work

Having increased anxiety

Feeling despite to get out

Experiencing your personal life suffering due to work commitments, decreasing mental health

Gaining stress-related health problems

Experiencing your work performance is declining due to any of the above

It’s time to start looking for a different opportunity! We suggest you update your CV and get in touch with us on 01844 213999. Our staff will be happy to talk through your next move and assist in finding your dream job.

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